My name is Tony, I’ve been around the VW game for about 20+ years now. Since I got into cars I always had a sweet spot for big bumper MK2’s – I had an MK2 Jetta Coupe VR6 turbo and had a vision that “what if Volkswagen made a Rallye Jetta Coupe?”.

So I had a crazy idea to build one and started sourcing parts from Europe from a real Rallye Golf.

But then life happened and the it sat for 10 years.

About 5 years ago I went on a final push to finish it but didn’t have any money. So a lot of new and old people I met through the VW scene chipped in, donated, and volunteered so we could finally finish this project. I ended wrenching on it in my buddies’ garage after work, my other buddy hooked me up with a painter who would do it on the side after his normal job, I found most of the parts lying in the junk piles at friends shops. It was just a labor of love for us old heads to finally see the project finished.

Already blew up a motor, got rock chips over the front end, burned through tires. Even though it’s a “magazine car”, I drive the shit out of it. I actually enjoy the drive with my friends to the show better than the show. I hate cleaning cars, that’s why my wife does it – she thinks it’s embarrassing when you show up to a show covered in bugs and brake dust make the wheels black. I refuse to clean it so she gets so annoyed that she does it. I love it!

I can’t imagine the amount of work required to make your vision become a reality. How was that done?

I found a guy who was willing to chop up this mint MK2 Jetta Coupe and try to build my vision.

The front-end bolted up but a lot of fabrication went into the rear and rockers. The quarters needed to be extended almost a foot in length and to make it look right, widened about 2 inches to flow with the body lines. Bodywork came out amazing.

The rear bumper is custom made, but the front one is OEM Rallye Golf. In the rear there’s also a Wings West spoiler and Hella half-smoked tails.

In the front, Rallye headlights, badgeless Rallye grill and SWG Deep grill spoiler.

It’s painted with PPG water-based Lamborghini White, which was done amazingly so I have never waxed it, barely wash it and people always tell me how amazing it looks.

The wheels are 17” 1552 Tarmac with proper offsets to make them look right, a lot of room in the rear now to fill.

And it also has KW coilovers, and VR6 Drivers Edition breaks.

What can we find under the hood?

Nothing on the car is stock. It’s a VR6 turbo motor with all the amazing noises from the first fast and furious movie (I.e. Greddy type blow-off valve, dump tube, and 3” exhaust coming out the side shooting flames) because when I started the build that’s the movie that was in the theatres lol.

It has bigger injectors, T4 turbo, 50 shot of nitrous, fancy wires and little things like that. Centerforce clutch with LSD.

It’s still FWD, and with 500hp it just breaks them loose in 1st and 2nd. Sucks when racing but tons of fun to drive.

And how’s it inside the car?

Custom headliner (because you can’t find Jetta coupe headliner anywhere) and custom wrapped Recaro seats.

Momo steering wheel, shift knob and boot, and a custom roll bar and rear strut bar.

Want to leave us with some final words?

This project will never be done. I would like to make it AWD also but I don’t want to have the car down for another year working on it because I love driving it.

The car could have never been finished without the support of my friends who are also part of my family now. Ray Bradshaw who built it in his garage with me bugging to help the whole time (but I and power tools make him nervous), Daniel Herrera who did an amazing paint job, old man Larry who did the fantastic fab work on the body in the back yard under a carport, the wife Alissa for letting me finish the car before I bought her an engagement ring. Blair, Paulie and all my NOVA family, Becker, Burkee, Blair, Emmit, Bukakii Bill, Pattycrack, Real., Adi, Ashley, Matt Chainnoise, Jess, pissed off Kyle, Josh Pashouse and Josh Perenti.

There are many other people that I know I forgot but many people have helped get this car to where it’s at.

Honestly, the friendships I rekindled, friendships I built, and time I was able to spend with these people was the real reward.

The car was just a bonus. Like any project, it will never be done but I honestly built it to drive.