Back in high school, all my friends had MK1s & 2s. I’d left the VW bug for years until mid college when I stumbled upon an ’86 Jetta GL in Alpine White. I converted it to big bumpers but it was killed by a Jeep Cherokee when the driver came across the line and hit me head-on.

I then found a 91… in white. Had that done up with smoked areos, VR6 lip, and all the Votex trimmings, until that was also killed on 9/11.

Later that year at H2O, a friend saw me there and told me he had a car for me… a white Jetta! And here we are today.

Tell us about what you did on the outside!

It’s an 88 sprayed 91 Alpine white, and I wanted to do something different. I had the Vortex approved look but wanted to do it another way.

Went with euro bumpers painted MK1 Campaign style (also Jetta Court as I found out just recently), euro fenders, skinny moulding with fat half spats, 16v Chin, 90 spec euro plate tub, Rallye grill with lower section extended (to meet the fenders to fill the gap), and I had to search for the GTX side badges to match the rear. In the back, there’s also the GLI hard spoiler.

I’ve also smoothed the engine bay and the radiator support.

Great choice going with those Borbet. Can you give us some details about them?

I saw the wheels on back in 01 and knew I had to have them. I reached out to a friend, Shahid Malik of Styledynamix in London, and told him I didn’t care about anything, but I needed them.

2 years later I got a call… Boom, found them! Took me 3 years to get them! 2 years ago I widened the rears to 9” wide and I love them!

What suspension system are you using?

Static, with H&R coils! I hate the adjusting of coilovers but I’m not a fan of the ride with bags and the danger of a blown bag and being stranded.

Let’s talk about the engine – what’s powering your Jetta?

I am old school – analog and OBD1 2.8 VR6, with an original AMS Vortech V1 supercharger.

AWE stage 2 supercharger chip and 330 injectors make it move down the road. And it has a custom 3” stainless steel exhaust system with a Borla X1 muffler, done by Autospeed Performance in South Jersey.

What about the interiors?

The car originally came with grey Recaros but I swapped them to a set of Recaro Trophy seats with headrests added to the rear.

I didn’t like how the MK3 cluster sat in an MK2 dash so I went with an MK3.5 cabby dash from an 02 cabby. I also acquired an upper glove box and wrapped it in “dimple” skin.

Picked up the OMP steering wheel back in 2001 from an old name – CFI Motorsports – and polished it! Old school Momo pedals and Raid e-brake cover with a heavy billet shift knob. Custom GTX floor mats from JustMatz from back in the day. The gauges are the last VR6 Premier Faces straight from Uncle Steve Denton.

What are your plans for the future of your Mk2?

I’ve had the car for 19 years last month and it’s not going anywhere. At this point, I’m micro-modding and then bring on a 6 speed 😁

Want to leave us some final words?

There so much more to talk about, it would take me all night! Like the false floor in the trunk with the monoblock Borbet A, the red top battery located in the trunk with the FK strut brace, Eibach flat bar in the front… Mic drop!

I love all of y’all. MK2Mayday 3 is coming!!


Mayor out!

I get super happy when I get to know these incredible builds! Thank you Ted for helping to craft this awesome story, and for being a part of the MK2Swag community!

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All photos were taken by @tony_watson_photo.